Pamela Jones is a singer, songwriter and performer.  She started at a young age, doing local theater, dance and choral performances. Before graduating high school, she toured around New England and Europe with an a-cappella choir singing classical music in venues such as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and Carnegie Hall in NYC.  She went on to study at The Boston Conservatory, and Circle in The Square Theater school in NYC.   It was in New York that Pamela started writing her own music, and becoming more of a solo artist.  She studied guitar and wrote folk songs that were performed all over New York and Connecticut. She began to branch out, singing back-up vocals for various musicians and writing/performing songs for comedy shows.  She sang a few spots for sketches on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and Amy Pohlers web series Smart Girls at The Party.  In 2010 Pamela released her first solo record Brightest Minds.  It was recorded in a small Brooklyn studio, during a particularly hot summer. The album is a blend indie pop and folk songs and can be streamed for free at After the release, Pamela decided it was time to take a break from the city.  She packed up her things and moved to Asheville, NC for a change of pace, and the ability to focus more on music.  Since living in Asheville, Pamela has been performing with various jazz bands in town, singing back-ups for the bands Stephanisid and The Broadcast.  Now she is developing a new project called LARKE.  This band is original music that’s a blend of jazz/R&B and folk. Stay tuned!

                        Pamela   Jones